Kurmo Konsa was born on the 31st of the August 1965 at Tartu, Estonia. He is an Associated Professor in Chair of Archival Studies at Tartu University. He has an M.Sc in microbiology from Tartu University, and an M.A. in Book Science from Tallinn University. Kurmo Konsa holds a doctoral degree in Informational Science from Tallinn University. His doctoral work focuses on preservation of written heritage and preservation surveys issues. Formerly he worked at Tartu University Library as paper conservator and at Estonian Postal Museum as conservator and curator of collections.

His current research program includes the biodeterioration problems of library, archives and museum materials; influence of environmental factors to the condition of objects and information management of biodeterioration information. He gives the courses of  Conservation Biology at Tartu University, Tartu Art College, Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu College.


Publications related to the problems of biodeterioration

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