Carola Maria Elisabet Boman


Map and building drawer from Gymnasium in Stockholm (1980, 1984)

Courses in etnologi and history at university in Åland (1984-1989)

Learning bookbinding and paper conservation at Nationalarchives in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki (1984,1986,1989)

Permanently employed from 01.09.1981 on Gouernment of Åland Islands` Museum as an assistant/drawer.

I work with documentation of historical buildings and building conservation.

We help people who need advice on restoration and reparing their old houses.

I take also care of our archives consisting of drawings of buildings.


Since 1984 I work private with paper conservation.

I own two old houses, one from 1850s and one from 1880s. I have worked a lot with restoring and reparation of these houses.