Guna Noldt

Dr. biol.


Office address: University of Hamburg

                            Department of Wood Science

               Leuschnerstrasse 91

               21031 Hamburg


            Tel. +49 73962472



Date of birth: 1964, April 6, Valmiera (Latvia)



2001                Ph.D. thesis “Characterisation of the fine roots of Swietenia macrophylla King and Carapa guianensis Aubl. (Meliaceae) under different site conditions in Central Amazonia”, University of Hamburg

1986-1992      Diploma “Phytoindicative assessment of environmental quality in Latvia”, University of Latvia


Research experience:

2009-present   European Social Found project  “Importance of genetic factors in formation of forest stands with high adaptability and qualitative wood properties”


2008-2011      EU Framwork Programm, FP 7 WOOD-NET project “Investigation of wood durability and other properties improving (upgrading) mechanisms by non-biocid methods”


2007-2008      Project “Afforestation of tropical savannas with Acacia mangium Willd. in Roraima, Nothern Brasil, project of University of Hamburg


2004-2006      EU Framwork Programm, FP 6 WOOD-PRO project “Biological wood damage of cultural heritage sites: organisms, biodeterioration, prevention”


2005-2006      Project “Adaptability of Ceiba pentandra to various growth sites of central Amazonia, Brazil”, DFG (German Research Foundation)


2003-2004      Project “Wood anatomy, annual wood increment and intra-annual growth dynamics of Podocarpus oleifolius var. macrostachyus from Costa Rica”, project of University of Hamburg


1996-2002      Project “Investigations on tree species suitable for the recultivation of degraded land areas in Central Amazon”, Brazilian-German cooperation (SHIFT)


1990-1996      Project “The effect of Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation on organisms, Skrunda, Latvia”,  Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia



36 publications



Member of the Hamburg Selection Committee for Alfred Toepfer Scholarship by Alfred Toepfer Foundation

Member of German Society of Plant Nutrition


Skills: Microscopy, Electronmicroscopy, UV microspectrophotometrie