Jos Creemers

J.G.M. Creemers M.Sc. graduated in 1986 with honours as a wood scientist at the Wageningen University in The Netherlands.

After that, he first worked during three years for Hoechst Holland N.V. in Amsterdam as technical manager in the development of products for wood protection and pest control. During that period he also got his education as a professional pest control operator at the “Foundation for Professional Training in Pest Control” SVO.

In 1990 he started as technical staff member for the firm Van Lierop B.V. in Alphen a/d Rijn, which was then the largest Dutch company carrying out treatments against wood attacking insects (woodworm, longhorn beetle etc.) and fungi (dry rot, cellar fungus etc.) in buildings. During these years he gathered much practical knowledge of recognizing and treating these types of attack. In order to be able to apply this knowledge on an independent basis, in 1997 he switched to SHR Timber Research, where he is now responsible for all assessments of damages caused by wood attacking organisms in buildings. In that context he is regularly appointed as independent expert in lawsuits.

To keep in touch with practice, in 1998 he acquired his “Practical Qualification in Pest Control”, which is based on the Dutch “Crop protection products and Biocides Act” and is legally required when applying pest control products in practice. Furthermore he teaches wood decay subjects at the “Pests Knowledge and Advice Centre” KAD in Wageningen and at the “National Restauration Centre” NRC in Amsterdam.


About SHR (Timber Research)

SHR is an independent research institute, which carries out technical and scientific research for the woodworking and wood handling industry and all its suppliers. To satisfy the large diversity of activities of its customers, SHR chooses a multi-disciplinary and practical approach.

Apart from fundamental research, testing and advisory work, SHR expertise can also be invoked for damage assessments.


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J.G.M. Creemers M.Sc.