Margarita Kisternaya

Office address:  Kirova 10a sq., Petrozavodsk,  185910,Russia

Tel.\fax +7 8142 767091, +7 8142 593400 (add. 1222)




2005 – now Senior researcher for the KIZHI State Open-Air Museum of History, Architecture and Ethnography, Petrozavodsk, Russia,               

working out strategy of conservation of wooden architectural monuments;   development of climate control in monuments; working out maintenanceprocedure; technologies for elimination of fungi and insects activity


1990 -2005 – Researcher, Senior researcher for the Forest Research Institute of the Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences, Petrozavodsk, Russia

studying of  forest management impact on wood quality; development of monitoring system for wooden architectural monuments; studying of changes in wood quality due to ageing (chemical composition, physical properties)

1998 –Invited researcher for VTT Building Technology, Espoo, Finland

studying of biodeterioration of timber structures, project “Hirren, riveen ja pintakkasittelyn” (Interaction between log, heat insulation material and protection of surface)


2009 – now St. Petersburg State architectural and civil engineering  University, doctoral candidate of the department of wooden structures (external) (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2003 – International Course on Dendrochronology and Dendroecology (University of Joensuu, Mekrijarvi, Finland)

2000 – International Course on Wood Conservation Technology (ICCROM) (Oslo, Norway)

1998-2000 – Moscow State Forestry University, external post-graduate student (Wood Science) (Moscow, Russia)

1987-1990 State Courses in  Foreign Languages, English department (St. Petersburg)

1984-1990 Leningrad (St. Petersburg) University, Physical department, student (St.Petersburg, Russia)

Degrees, diplomas

1.   M. Sc.;  St -Petersburg State University; 1990, February, 2

2.   PhD (Wood Science); Moscow State Forestry University; 2000, June, 2

  1. Certificate of 2-year-long English language course; St. Petersburg State courses in Foreign languages, 1989, December
  2. Certificate “International Course on Wood Conservation Technology”; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, 2000, October, 12
  3. Certificate “Museology”;  SPb State University of Art &Culture. December,  2007


1.   Best young researcher of Russian Academy of Sciences, of 1992 and 1998


Language skills

  1. Grand Prize. Europa Nostra awards for conservation of the Kesalahti Church bell tower, Kesalahti, Finland. Italy. June 5, 2009.
  2. Ron Cocroft award, International Research Group on Wood Protection, Biarritz, France. May, 2011





Reading skills

Mother tongue


Writing skills

Mother tongue


Verbal skills

Mother tongue




  • 71 papers
  • monographs “Wood-Science Approach to the Preservation of Historic Timber Structures” (co-author V.Kozlov). Petrozavodsk. 2007.. 133 p.


“Maintenance of wooden architectural monuments” (co-author A.Yu.Lubimtsev). Petrozavodsk. 2008. 53 p.

  • Patent N 79828 of Russian Federation (as of October 17, 2008) “Equipment for heat treatment of wooden structures” (co-authors: A. I. Rasev, V. A. Kozlov)


Research field

– wooden architectural monuments, quality of timber, wood ageing, biodeterioration, monitoring, longevity of timber structures


 – Member of the Regional Council of Wood Science (since 2003)

- Member of  International Research Group on Wood Protection (since 2011)