Õppefilmide pakkumiskutse

Call for public tender


Content of public tender:



1) educational video film on the topic “Fungi in buildings on islands of Baltic sea”;

2) educational video film on the topic “Beetles in buildings on islands of Baltic sea”;

3) educational video film on the topic “Treatment methods of fungal and beetle damage in wooden buildings”.

The film specifications: each educational video film should be 45 minutes long, have narrative text in Estonian language or partly in English where necessary; edition on DVD – 200 copies, with subtitles in English, Estonian and Swedish.


Production requirements to the service provider:


1. to accomplish the video film script final editing, based on a script provided by the EstonianOpen Air Museum.


7. to carry out educational video film shootings as well as professional editing and video animations according to the approved video script, arrange narration and sound management and finally provide the Contractor with 200 copies on DVD of each video film.


8. the deadline for all 3 (three) videofilm delivery to the Contractor is 31.12.2012


Specification of the service provider:


A. The subcontractor should be able to prove a previousadvanced experience in production of nature-oriented educational documentary video films. High priority is given to the subcontractor’s experience on using advanced animation and motion graphics in a video production.

Proof: list of examples of nature and society oriented educational documentary video films made in last three (3) years.


Tender documents must be sent or delivered to Mr. Kalle Pilt in Estonian Open Air Museum.

Closed envelope should be noted with the tag “FaBBi” and offerer‘s names and contact details (postal address, e-mail address, phone).


Please note that: bidding should be presented in a written form, signed by a legally binding person. Bidders are not entitled to claim back expenses relating to the tender. Validity period of tenders is 60 days.


Tender documents must be submitted by 28.02.2011, 16.00 latest.  The risk of timely submission of the tender lies with the provider.

Notifying all the tenderers has the contracting authority the right to extend the deadline for submission of tenders.



Additional information


For consultation and questions about the tender it is possible to contact Mr. Kalle Pilt